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Our Focus

More Trails Close to Home

We see the future of mountain biking in going after opportunities for more close-to-home access. Our goal is to grow the quantity and quality of mountain bike trail communities across the U.S. 

Why close to home?

Trails close to home mean more quick hits for mental health and fun. In large cities and small rural towns alike, trails enhance quality of life, provide economic benefits and create community. We know all of this because IMBA and our local partners have been making these things happen worldwide for 30 years, and we want to make sure trails happen in more places, more rapidly.

Core Values

IMBA is committed to a values-driven culture within our organization. These values guide our commitments to our neighbors, the land, responsible riding, and sustainable trails.




Our work supports communities, wellness, economies, and public lands for present and future generations. We support mountain biking communities to bring people together, to keep neighbors healthy, to diversify and strengthen economies, and to protect and expand outdoor spaces.



We share a responsibility to protect our natural environment for its intrinsic value and so communities can cherish the great outdoors. We ensure mountain biking is an environmentally low-impact activity that aids in protecting and enjoying open space, and we promote sustainable trails to minimize impacts on the environment, natural resources, and wildlife.



We promote equity and inclusion in mountain biking and work toward increased trail access to ease entry into the sport. We recognize a strong community must be a diverse community—we encourage, embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion. We want everyone to experience the joy of mountain biking.



Collaborations are vital to our success. We must all work together to build, ride and advocate responsibly. We frame partnerships on shared values and common goals that will change lives by building welcoming and inclusive mountain biking communities.


Programs and initiatives

IMBA, in partnership with our local organizations, educates land managers and community leaders, galvanizes the volunteer community, strengthens local mountain bike groups and provides expertise on the creation of new trails.

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Trail Accelerator Grants

These are competitive grant offerings, designed to help a community get on its way toward building better places to ride. Awardees receive professional planning services and funding to help launch their trail development efforts and give them a platform on which to leverage additional resources. Thank you to Tom and Steuart Walton for seeding these grants. 

Grant info
IMBA Trail Labs

Trails Labs is IMBA’s educational program designed to equip Trail Champions with the knowledge, resources and skills necessary to realize more trails on the ground and help you provide great mountain biking experiences in your community. From digital resources to in person courses, such as Foundations hosted in Bentonville and Cedar City, or a Trail Care School in your own community, we are here to support you.

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Special Designations

IMBA recognizes outstanding destination-worthy mountain bike trail communities as Ride Centers™ and adventurous backcountry trails as IMBA EPICS. The goal of the program is to inspire, inform and engage local stakeholders so that mountain bikers can have more great places to ride.

Where to ride
IMBA Local

When grassroots mountain bike groups achieve their goals, we all benefit. That is why we created IMBA Local: a suite of support services and education tools to enhance the efforts of individual organizations. We invite you to take advantage of IMBA’s reach, expertise and resources to lighten your administrative load and empower your organization to do more. 

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Dig In Campaign

IMBA’s Dig In Program, founded by Shimano, provides an avenue for raising funds for mountain bike projects nationwide. IMBA can leverage its reach and relationships to provide grant opportunities via corporate partner dollars and run a national marketing campaign. The goal is to bridge the gap between local and national fundraising efforts, and show a new audience how inspirational and vital trails are to local riders and communities.

Dig In
Trail Solutions

IMBA Trail Solutions is the international leader in developing singletrack trails. Our staff excels at planning, design, construction, and management of trail systems that provide high-quality experiences while simultaneously minimizing environmental impacts. Our expertise has allowed us to develop the current guidelines for the creation of sustainable, enjoyable trails and bike parks that have influenced land management agencies around the world and are frequently adopted as best practices.

Trail Solutions

News, projects and research

How and why we are creating and catalyzing more trails close to home.

“It has definitely benefited the community [to have so many trails close to home]. Especially the kids, they get off from school and they go ride their bikes. They’re not home watching TV or getting a ton of screen time; they’re outside riding right after school. The trails are creating a healthy community.”

Lindsay Custer

Friends of Arkansas Singletrack President

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"My first mountain bike experience was on a borrowed hybrid bicycle on steep river bluff trails in Nebraska. Stretching the limits of center-pull brakes and 35c tires, I was hooked! Mountain biking has since provided me with the most amazing life experiences as a rider, advocate, trail builder, promoter, retailer, coach and racer. Making all of that even more amazing are the wonderful people I have come to know and ride with along the way. Hit me up and let’s go ride!"

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