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IMBA calls the Colorado Rockies home and employs staff all over the country. 

Current IMBA Job Openings:

We are hiring a full-time, remote based Communications and Advocacy Specialist. The role will work collaboratively and cross-departmentally to create content, campaigns and advocacy initiatives that grow and support IMBA's advocacy network and impact. This team member will connect national advocacy priorities with local advocacy needs through engaging and educational content for IMBA Local Partners and for the broader mountain bike community. Learn more and apply.
Posted March 6, 2023

We are hiring a full-time, remote based Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Engagement. The role will have a strong acumen for mountain biking advocacy and community engagement. They will also understand the programmatic and educational opportunities stemming from local trail construction and development. The VP will have general managerial experience and a strategic perspective to help grow and develop IMBA on every level. This role will oversee IMBA’s work in government affairs, education, community engagement, programs, and local partnerships with an emphasis on strengthening IMBA's delivery model of support and services to local Trail Champions. Learn more and apply.
Posted January 27, 2023 

We are hiring a full-time, remote based Director of Programs to inspire, educate, and advocate for More Trails Close to Home regardless of geography, income, race, gender, and riding experience. This work will be done through the development, implementation, monitoring, detailed analysis and reporting of existing and new programs. Existing programs include Trail Lab Foundations Conferences, Trail Accelerator Grant Program, DigIn Program, Trails Count Program, Ride Center & Epic Designations. Learn more and apply.
Posted January 27, 2023 

We are hiring a full-time, remote based Trail Solutions Senior Planner to join IMBA's Trail Solutions team. Planner II’s are experienced senior members of our planning and design team that lead the development of trail feasibility studies and concept plans, design development, construction documents, and hold key roles in tasks related to community outreach and project implementation. Responsibilities include client and project management, site visit coordination, strategic trail network visioning and planning, development of design details, content development for project deliverables and the oversight of completing those deliverables. This position is fully remote with the potential to travel 50% of the time. Learn more and apply.
Posted November 18, 2022

Current IMBA Local Partner Job Openings:

The Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) is seeking a full-time Development Director to assume full responsibility for the development and implementation of an annual, short-term, and long-term development plan for the organization. This job is an entirely remote position, with the only requirements being that the applicant resides within the seven states that make up SORBA and be able to attend Board Meetings and other meetings (events) upon request. Learn more and apply.
Posted February 28, 2022

I love working with an organization and people dedicated to outdoor mental and physical health. I’m learning so much about mountain biking and the passion is contagious!

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