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Become a Local Partner

Become an IMBA Local Partner

The IMBA Local Program is a grassroots support system that helps mountain biking organizations and their partners create and sustain thriving trail communities. This program provides support services, education and mentorship programs that help communities accomplish their goals.


IMBA's vision is to build the quality and quantity of mountain biking communities by supporting and empowering local leadership. We want to help communities build a base of knowledgeable and capable advocates and stewards.

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advocacy support
Advocacy Support

The access that mountain bikers currently enjoy is a result of decades of advocacy work, grassroots activism and widespread volunteerism. IMBA Local supports your advocacy efforts by providing data collection tools, strategy solutions, regional organization and much more.

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Admin Support

Whether you’re managing membership, volunteers or finances, the Local Program has the solutions your organization needs to stay on track. Free up valuable time to contribute more resources to making great trails happen!

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Education Support

Having the knowledge to make meaningful change in your community or within your organization is a key component to success. We can provide the educational resources necessary for your organization to meet its mission.


Regions provide an opportunity for mountain biking advocacy organizations to collectively share ideas and address state-wide and region-wide issues creating a stronger voice for mountain bikers.

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Need to start your own organization? Click here to find out how to start a nonprofit organization and get additional resources to help you get started!

Meet the team

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Image Anthony Duncan

I’ve seen the bubble of the coal industry and how the decline of the industry has devastated many of the communities surrounding my hometown. Helping communities and chapters with similar issues look past their economic hardships and embrace the natural assets that surround them is what drives me. Mountain biking changed my life and I believe it can change the lives of countless others if given the opportunity.

Meet our team
Anthony Duncan

Director of Local Programs